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TechToLink Removal Notice

We are pleased to inform you that the office of Tech To Link  Company will be moved to the following address on 1 Apr 2014 (Tuesday).

Our new address is:
Flat Q, 20/F, Block 1, Kingley Industrial Building,
33-35 Yip Kan Street, Wong Chuk Hang, Aberdeen,
Hong Kong.

Kindly update your records with regards to our move and note that all the telephone, facsimile and customer service hotlines numbers remain unchanged.
Yours faithfully,
Tech To Link Company
Tech To Link Company Limited

China Mainland VPN Tunnel
We have setup Customer network and telephone system which have connected with Hong Kong.  Furthermore, we also have provided the technical consultant with door security & video security System recommendation to them.  About the Broadband Connection in China, we have been using DSL broadband with VPN IP tunneling connection with Hong Kong Main Office.  The speed and performance were under our monitoring and performing satisfaction bandwidth.

Wi-Fi Wireless LAN (Updated)

Ever had any troubles with designing your office for multiply network media? Or choosing the correct wireless device for your network structure. Check out the latest information from our useful document.

Wireless LAN 802.11 Technology Basic

How To Build Our Secure Wireless LAN Network

"StorageLink" Service: (Updated)
Recently, we help one of our customers to set up a NAS (Network Attached Storage) unit.  Before using NAS, our customers use the traditional RAID 5 Server storage Machine.  When they transfer the large block size file thru the storage server, it let the usage of server extremely high and cause server overall performance down.  We suggest that they should separate the storage out of the Server to overcome their huge demand of data transfer.  After add the 240GB NAS, they realize the average time of read/write access has 30-50% improved.  

Check our
StorageLink Service

"InfoCare" Recovery Service:
Password Recovery:
Forget your password? Need access to password protected files or systems? Former employees leave without un-protecting their files? Passwords destroyed? Are you worried that your network or your encrypted files may not be secure? We can help! At TechToLink Company. we are experts in cracking password protected files and systems. Using our extensive library of software, techniques and cracking resources we may be a critical resource when crucial files are encrypted. We can also perform security analysis and provide un-crackable encryption software and state of the art firewalls and network security software for those who value privacy and want to be sure their data is secure.

Data Recovery
Have you face the data loss due to unexpected operation?  Have you face the Harddisk mechanical crash? We provide full range of data recovery options:  Software Recovery and In-Lab Service data recovery.  Software Recovery services is very convenient but is not the answer for every data loss situation (especially when there’s been hardware malfunctions).  We also provide the In-Lab services and let our experienced engineers what’s necessary to recover your data with the fastest turnaround time.  Our affordable inspection charge just only HK$400.00.  Don’t let your data loss with your malfunction hard drive.

Check our
InfoCare Service

Jobs Available!
Total Solution Provider.
FDDI Network Project.
techtolink NetCare
Networking Design
Our New Projects (Updated)

Internet2 News
W3C Consortium
Linux News
The ATM Forum
Linux Journal Magazine

Linux RPM Find
Linux Documentation Project
Hong Kong Stock Info
Windows Drivers
ltavista Search
HTML Resource

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