TechToLink was founded in 1994 in Hong Kong, with the mission of providing high quality system consulting services with an emphasis on PC and networked PC applications. Over the years this architecture has evolved into what is today called client-server and IWOC - Internet Way Of Computering. Our continuing concentration in this one area has allowed us to develop some of the strongest expertise in this specialty available anywhere. Since 1995 we have grown to an organization of over 10 professionals, generating over $2 million a year in revenues. We are owned entirely by our employees with no outside investors and negligible long-term debt. In 1996 we opened an main office in Hong Kong and Future, in 1997 we will expand to China.


TechToLink (TTL) is a privately held technology leader providing high quality fault tolerant systems services for Hong Kong and international customers. We provide a plethora of value added network services to further the hosting and dedicated status quo. Our team of specialists provide a well rounded base of services extending far and above that of your typical service provider. Programming, site design, traffic statistics, pre-made systems and other valuable resources are just a part of why most companies choose TechToLink as their network service provider.


TechToLink has dedicated itself to providing the best possible network services now and in the future. We follow all major internet developments and will continue to advance our services and technologies with the industry. We welcome any comments regarding services you desire now and in the future.

If you have any questions or simply wish to run some ideas by us, please call 852-2833 5556 or email

To infinity and beyond!



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