We Are ITP - Internet Technical Provider

TechToLink is committed to provide professional technical consultancy and quality support for all our clients. We will help you with the hardware and software solution to the Internet Connection.

- Provide Networking Connectivity Design
- Setup Internet Server/Host (Windows NT/UNIX/Novell)
- Setup of DNS and Mail (Ms Exchange/sendmail/Lotus Notes) - Configure/Setup Router (HP/Cisco/3COM)
- Integrate LAN mail with Internet Mail (POP3/SMTP/IMAP)
- Setting up of WWW Server

Network Consultancy Services

In today's business environment, professional IT consultancy services is crucial in determining your network infrastructure. Services that put together a complete network design for each type of network topology (or mixes), each protocol and accessed method by using present technology for future growth.

- Organization Analysis
- Network Design
- Network Consultancy
- Evaluation of Proposals
- Project Management

Network Management Services

TechToLink is an independent group of consultants expert in client/server technologies. We specialise in Enterprise Management and Multimedia Internet/Intranet information provision.

- Systems Administration Functions
- Non-Problem Related Services,
- Upgrading of Hardware/Software, Recabling, etc.
- Remote LAN/WAN Administration
- System Configuration Report
- Systems Diagnostics and statistics (Advanced)
- Inventory Management (Advanced)
- Software License Management (Advanced) 

Supported Platform And Hardware

Intel Base Personal Computer
IBM RS/6000 Machine (AIX)
Motorola 8xxx Series Mini Machine (Unix SVR4/3)
Motorola PowerPC Machine (AIX/NT)
MSDOS, Windows v3.x, Windows 95/98, NT
Apple System 7.x, OS 8.x, Novell Netware V3.x - V5.x
SCO Unix v3.x v4.x, ODT, OpenServer
IBM AIX R3.x, R4.x
Lotus Notes, Etc.

Jobs Available!
Total Solution Provider.
FDDI Network Project.
techtolink NetCare
Networking Design
Our New Projects

Internet2 News
W3C Consortium
Linux News
The ATM Forum
Linux Journal Magazine

Linux RPM Find
Linux Documentation Project
Hong Kong Stock Info
Windows Drivers
ltavista Search
HTML Resource

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