Why We Are Different?

TechToLink has been in the virtual hosting business for over 4 years. We understand the needs of virtual hosting customers and are prepared to assist you with even the most demanding challenges.

Our network is located in the PSINet Hong Kong in the heart of network aggregation; providing us with ample bandwith to cover even the most resource intensive users. We are situated on transpacific DS-3 ATM Internet backbone between Hong Kong and the United States, two E1 to Japan, one T1 to Korea and an OC3 to HKIX., if you know networks, then you should agree when we say FAST and REDUNDANT.

If you are in the market for a maintenance for your server, information is available on our NetCare page.

We offer virtual hosting packages in both pre-configured and custom forms. We can generally customize our packages to fit your needs, please ask one of our specialists about your speceific requirements.

If you wish to sign up now or have questions? Please fill out our information form and one of our specialists will respond immediately.

Our Special WWW Hosting Package

We provides state-of-the-art hosting, utilizing Pentium III servers running Microsoft NT Server 4.0 and Unix. Fault tolerant disk arrays keep your data safe, our fast connection keeps it moving!

Web Hosting Sevice First-Time Setup Fee:
- Unlimited Network Traffic- 24 Hour On-Line
- 50Mb Of Storage
- Domain Name Application (www.abc.com.hk)
- IP Address Resolving
- Free E-mail Forwarding
- Searching Engine Submissions (yahoo,excite etc.)
HK$ 1,000.00

Web Hosting Service yearly Charges:
- Maintenance And Re-Authoring Pages Layout
- Included 1-4 A4 Pages
HK$ 3,000.00 per year

Web Homepage Total Design:
- Create And Design A4 Size Page-Layout
- Including Art Work Layout, Design Graphic's Icon
HK$ 500.00 per page

Your ISP does several thing well. We do one thing extremely well host your business WEB page. 


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