- Data Recovery & Password Retrieval

nfoCare services offers professional, fast, economical recovery of data damaged by hardware failure, software corruption, a computer virus, human error, or a natural disaster. our engineers are experts at data recovery and password retrieval. No matter how the data loss occurred, "InfoCare" Services has the ability to recover it for you.

- Information Security

re service is a practice to secure organizations assets and relative services. SecureCare Security pertains to all elements of information within an organization. Proper SecureCare is best rendered when higher management and stakeholders are involved within the process. There is no replacement for experience and knowledge and to implement an SecureCare Security without the right people is to place an entire organizations asset at risk.

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SecureCare -
your solution to remote administration and monitoring. Our powerful tools offers such abilities as file navigation (viewing, deleting, accessing, etc), application monitoring, usage times, real-time screenshots etc...

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we using following security resource:

The Security Portal for Information System Security Professionals

CISSP open study guides





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