Netcare Systems Maintenance

Nowadays, Computer/Network system is becoming the lifeblood of most corporations.
  Would you estimate if your company Computer/Network goes down, how much lost will you suffer?  Furthermore, is it worth to employ more EDP staffs to maintain the computers/Network system?  Fulfill the cost effective and limited budgeting, would you consider the outsource computer "Netcare" maintenance?

What is "Netcare"?

TechToLink provides the technical consultant and service for efficiency and effectiveness.  Unlike the traditional maintenance, we provide dedicate technical engineer to familiar with customerís Computer/Network system by regular visit.  All engineers have more years technical experience background and proper certificate.  As base on various system configuration, we kindly to introduce the following package that we have offer:

system connection monitoring

    maintain proper network hub/switch device and server connection

internet connection monitoring

    maintain Internet router/gateway device connection configuration.

server management (windows/novell/unix/linux)

    system management, performance tuning, user management, directory structure, backup management, printing management that all ensure server running at optimal performance.

networking security advice

    detect and chase internal security risk and trojan horse etc.

periodical update

    provide latest update service patch or official bug fix(s) for server and network device. example: firewall, switch and network card etc

workstation configuration report

    routine check all server software licensing to prevent unauthorized hardware/software installed

monthly routine system check

    ensure all server or network device running at healthy environment

anti-virus alert

    important virus alert thru our exclusive mailing list, and provide virus pattern update patch every week or month

phone support

    provide business hour telephone support service (9:30-18:00)

HK$ 2,500.00 per month

(with 5 working hours)

Standard rate HK$700 per hour - minimum 2 hour

contact us at (852) 2833 5556
for free of charge on-site inspection and consulting service

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