Our "FDDI Network Project"
successful story!

Recently, one of our customer "Kung Sheung International Ltd" has moved their Head Quarter from 9/F to 27/F. They have a trouble how to make a long distance network cabling, how to make a connection with the 1/F & G/F Subsidiaries & Showroom. Thick Ethernet cable has been applied for lastly when they have stay at 9/F. Thick Ethernet cabling applied again?
No Way! The Fiber Optic Cabling lead the way! It LOWER COST, more STABLE, more EFFICIENT and more EXPANDABLE than Thick Ethernet. Our proposal has been very fast accepted by our client.
If you have been facing the same problem, don't be late, call us 2833 5556. Enjoy the LOWER COST, STABLE, EFFICIENT and EXPANDABLE structure networking!

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