Network/Systems Maintenance Service


Difference from other systems maintenance provider, we provide dedicated experience engineer to ensure your network and system environment as known as our hand.  No need to waste time study the problem once again if other engineer take over the problem.  Easy access of telephone supporting (Do not need a user waiting the phone transfer, we provide the total solution directly).

NetCare Features:

   Routine Systems Checking Every Month
   Dynamic Systems Performance Tuning
   Systems Configuration Reports
   Systems Diagnostics and statistics
   Systems Administration Functions
   And More....

Summarize above quality of service, that's why some company abandon their existing maintenance provider and shift it to our
NetCare Systems Maintenance Service.

Supported Server Operating System Platform:

Windows NT v4.0 Server
Windows 2000 Professional, Advanced, Enterprise
Novell Netware Version 3.x
Novell Netware Version 4.1x - 6.x or above
IBM AIX Version 3.x - 4.x
SCO Unix OpenServer, R3.x - R4.x
RedHat Linux All Version
AT&T Unix Release 3.x - 4.x (Motorola Platform)

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