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Our New Project Business

Hong Kong Top Class Chinese Restaurant

"Eastern Ocean Restaurant"
We proud to support the following items for their main office:
NetCare System On-Site Service.
- Novell Netware Networking Platform.
- Macola Accounting System.

News For "Hang Lung-Hakuyosha (HK) Ltd"

Total new System for Hang Lung-Hakuyosha (HK) Ltd.
- Microsoft Windows NT v4.0 Networking Platform.
- Microsoft Windows98 Client Workstation.
- 100Base-T Networking Structure.
- Macola Accounting System.
And we provide "TTL NetCare System" On-Site Service Support for 24 hour system on-line support

Our NEW System Lease Line Project Completed!

MMK Metal Worldwide Ltd become our new System and Internet Lease Line customer. MMK Metal Worldwide Ltd is a trading company which will purchase different type of metal from Russia and distribute to another Asia company. After she has installed the Internet lease line connection, she has saved her cost of international fax and enjoy more clearance figure of the document. The running cost has been saved.  And we also provide "TTL NetCare System" On-Site Service.

Customer Upgarde: Limited
One of Hong Kong big property Internet Content Provider.  because they need expand their existing systems for fast growing internet business.  After review our systems proposal.  They agreed and accepted our systems solution for their new expansion.  This project has involved hardware RAID fault tolerant, redundant power solution and some Microsoft Network implementation.
Updated: Degussa-Huls China Ltd
Security & Advanced Network Re-structure
We as a CISCO reseller, we appointed by Degussa-Huls China Ltd to upgrading their CISCO router version, which can be passed by Y2K test. According to Security problem, Windows Base server recently issued Service Pack 5, And We install another new server NOVELL Netware 5 as a file server. We also provided Data/Voice network cable re-structure service to let the network node can be easily switch data/voice on the patch panel. After that, we have provided basic training course on their network environment to their end-user. The training hold 2 days, which have included hand-out menu, projector and presented at Cantonese and English language at different day.



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Total Solution Provider.
FDDI Network Project.
techtolink NetCare
Networking Design
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