What We Do

When corporations large and small need a solution provider to create software applications and tools, they call techtolink.  TTL  provides custom software design and development services for the Microsoft Windows platform.  We are a full-service consulting company, with expertise in all aspects of business solution development: workflow analysis, requirements definition, custom programming, training, presentation, and support.

Our Expertise

Our developers have expertise spanning the Windows environment, including a mastery of Microsoft tools including Visual C++, Visual Basic, SQL Server, Access/Office, Cold Fusion, Perl, CGI, and Interdev. We have experience with the latest technologies, from COM and ActiveX to Java and Active Server Page.

If you have any questions about our custom programming service? Please email to us and one of our specialists will respond immediately.


Jobs Available!
Total Solution Provider.
FDDI Network Project.
techtolink NetCare
Networking Design
Our New Projects

Internet2 News
W3C Consortium
Linux News
The ATM Forum
Linux Journal Magazine

Linux RPM Find
Linux Documentation Project
Hong Kong Stock Info
Windows Drivers
ltavista Search
HTML Resource

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